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‘Buddha’ Is A Title, Which Means ‘The One Who Is Awake’


Did you know? Buddha is actually not a name but a title which means “one who is awake”.

Buddha” is derived from Sanskrit word “Budh”. Waking up in “Buddhist terms” means waking in reality, or the actuality of life.

While most of us thought Buddha was just a name, we are also unaware of the fact that this name has a deep hidden meaning attached to it.

This label was given first to the man whose teachings lead to the foundation of Buddhism- Siddhartha Gautam. Popularly known as Gautam Buddha, he lived more than two thousand years ago in Northern India. When he was thirty-five years’ old, he obtained enlightenment while in deep meditation.


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If we learn about Buddhism, we discover it is a way of educating and enlightenment of the soul. Praxes, like meditation are the means of transforming oneself and build the qualities of consciousness, benevolence, and astuteness. From over thousands of years, proficiency developed in Buddhist beliefs has made an outstanding source for those who want to trail the path of individual and divine growth. The last purpose of following Buddhism is the achievement of a deep understanding of self and the surroundings.


Gautama Buddha in his preaching’s stated the enlightenment has three aspects:

  •  It is a state of prudence, and of understanding into the real nature of things.
  • It is also a state of endless kind-heartedness, establishing itself in pursuit for the advantage of all existences.
  • It is the over-all emancipation of all the powers of the mind and body so they are at the service of the fully conscious minds.

Gautama also preached his teachings of the path to enlightenment when he travelled through Northern India in the forty-five years of his life.  The teachings are known as the Buddha Dharma (the teaching of the enlighten one) in the East. Some people thought Buddha to be a divine soul, but he never claimed himself to be God. Also, there is no such theory of being God in Buddhism. Gautama was a human being who actually changed himself through his great work and karma.

Siddhartha Gautama was born into the imperial family of a small empire, on the Indian-Nepalese frontier. As per the traditional story, he had a secluded background but was pushed out of self-righteousness when he comes across the severe truths of life, such as old age, illness, and death. And this made him leave his house in search of the real meaning of life.