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Why we often forget the names of people we meet for the first time?


So how many times have you met someone new and forgot to remember their names?

If this sounds familiar to you, you should know that you are not the only one with a memory loss. Scientific study say that whenever we are introduced to someone new, we tend to forget their names. According to a YouTube video from AsapScience, our brain is wired to retain the facial images of the person we meet but tends to forget their name, solely because there isn’t any relevant information in names that the mind retains.

According to the university of Toronto, names don’t hold any specific information of the person, while looking at their face sends signals to the posterior visual cortex to recognize what we are looking at.

While listening to their names we often don’t pay attention, simply because we are more concerned about the image we are forming of the person.

Well, if you are here to find the solution of how exactly you can get better at remembering the names after listening to them once, here’s a trick. Say the name out loud after the person introduces themselves. Study has proved that doing that so, increases your chances of remembering the names by 50%.

Here are some other tips that you can use to remember someone’s name:

1. Ask them what it means: If their name is something you have never heard before, ask them what it means. While they explain it you find the depth of their name and try to remember it with its meaning.

2. Pay attention: Rather than thinking more about your introduction and how the other person is thinking of you, concentrate on the conversation and just simply pay attention of what is being discussed. Just putting in a little bit of attention will help you remembering the name.

Try connecting their names with the face and that’s it! You are done. Remembering names won’t be an issue any more.