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A whole ecosystem lives in your belly button.


Gosh Really! I never thought that the small belly button in my body, which I swab every day, contains a whole jungle of bacteria (ecosystem) inside it. Umbilici embraces a bio network of bacteria which is like their biodiversity to the world’s rainforests, a new study state. The belly button is the only outlandish part of charming anyone and rarely cleaned openings. There are more than 2000 bacteria found out of which man are new to science.

After few years of research, only eight of these species were found from 2,368 different phylotypes in 70% of individuals experimented. The question remains that which factors direct which species to grown on which people. The quest is still on, and scientists have observed various factors like sex, age, origin, and the number of other factors. But there are no positive results of their eruptions.

Dr.Dunn and his team of ecologists have swabbed 500 navels and studied 60 individuals thoroughly. These people were asked to put cotton swaps in their belly and twist it three times. Then these swabs were placed in ampoules for cultures. After these bacteria had cultured, they were photographed and processed. They found that a regular bellybutton comprises of 67 different phylotypes of bacteria.

DR. Dunn told that without these microorganisms our immune system cannot function properly.
He said ‘In fact, this collection of microbes must have a certain composition — must form a certain microbial ecosystem — in order for our immune system to function properly.
‘This work is a significant step toward helping us understand which species are the most important players in those ecosystems.’

Do these organisms require oxygen to survive? Indeed they do as it is impossible to flourish on a desert-like dry skin. They also survive deficiency and hunger, which influences them to spend life in all sort of atmosphere. Scientists think that some anaerobic bacteria may be harmful, but most of them are beneficial for us. These microbes may be dwelling and swarming in any part of the body at present.

The next step will be to find out the aspects that why particular bacteria appear in that certain type of people’s tummy button.