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Whatsapp has spent Zero cash on marketing, PR, and user aquisition


Whats App is the widely used application globally. It is gibe to the say-sos “Whats Up”. Most of the people are aware of this app, and they use it to connect with their dear ones. Whatsapp is very simple to use and understand as the creator of Whatsapp has focused on both ordinary as well as tech savvy people. Whatsapp network has spread over 180 countries, and more than one billion people use it. It’s a free, safe, and consistent way of messaging and calling all over the world. And moreover, you won’t believe it that this huge accomplishment got invented by a small team of member (5 in all).

Success Story

Now let me tell you one shocking fact- Whatsapp has not spent a penny on its promotions, PR strategies, or customer attainment. The reason behind this is that it provides people with the wholesome messaging experience which do not allow ads, tactics or pop-ups in its app. And also its designer, Jan Koum is very strict about the policy of providing the best experience to its user’s without applying any maneuvers to its development. He keeps a note of the same on his desk to remind him daily of his approach towards his app. This is the main reason why Whatsapp is so popular among the people, as it does not disturb you with pop-ups now and then.

According to me, this app got success because there was no such free messaging app which would allow us to connect to anyone throughout the world. Previously we had regular SMS service which would allow us to message freely in our country only after buying a free message data pack. But when people came to know about this totally free app available without any additional charges, they went crazy. With just five people in the team, Whatsapp made a huge impact on people’s life. Those who used to find it difficult to afford a message pack, Whatsapp was a big bonus for them.

WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum has stated that their team consists of only 55 employees. Mark Zuckerberg paid $19 billion for WhatsApp in cash and stock to acquire Whatsapp. When Mark was about to purchase Whatsapp, it had 45 million customers, so he paid $42 per user. As we all know, today almost everyone has an internet connection at home or data plan in their handy devices. So it has become easy to connect to everyone. With the latest advancement of Whatsapp, an introduction of video calling has given a setback to other apps.

Whatsapp has captured the market and growing constantly with the new developments on needful basis.