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Whatsapp says they are adding one million users every day


Well, there is no doubt in the fact that Whatsapp is adding one million users every day. It has become the leading communication service in the world. WhatsApp was established by 2 Yahoo Employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. It was introduced as a messaging app which was a substitute to SMS. Now it has many features which serve far more than just messaging. Whatsapp was the first ad-free messaging service which was launched at a price of 99 cents (one year of free subscription).

If we go through the exact statistics, Whatsapp has an immense growth in the number of users. Let’s see how it influenced its users slowly and gradually from its launch date till now:
• Established in 2009.
• In 2011, it met the target of 1 billion messaging per day.
• In 2012, it made a groundbreaking hit on 10 billon messages per day.
• In January 2013, the messages increased to 18 billon per day.
• In June 2013, WhatsApp publicized that they have 250 million active consumers with a record of 27 billion messages a day.
• In December 2013, the users reached to 400 billion and messaging at 54 billion at the highest point.
• In February 2014, Facebook acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion.
• In August 2014, Whatsapp had 600 million active users globally and 60 million in India itself.
• In November 2014, Whatsapp had 70 million active consumers in India only
• In January 2015, there were 700 million active customers worldwide. And 30 billion messages were recorded on a daily basis.
• In April 2015, the number reached to 800 million users
• In 2016, one million monthly active users

Well, the data itself confirms the popularity of the app. Whatsapp now has an added feature of video calling which is simple to operate. Around 110 countries use Whatsapp for connecting to their relatives, friends, and colleagues. There are around one billion Whatsapp groups used for chatting purpose. Around 1.6 billion photos and videos are shared via Whatsapp on a daily basis. The personal sharing Whatsapp prevents stealing of photos by misusers like on other social sites.

The accelerating growth of Whatsapp also depends on the support and resources which it gets from its parent company i.e., Facebook. Facebook has an unlimited supply of resources due to which the Whatsapp team merely concentrates on bringing up new features and improvements to the app. The WhatsappWeb feature allows you to send and receive messages through the desktop.
The large number of users Whatsapp is churning out on a daily basis is becoming a pain in the ass of many other competitors. But one thing I must say about Whatsapp is that their no-ad policy makes messaging more hassle-free and unique in its own way.