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If Not A Religion, What Is Buddhism?


Around 400BC, the religion of Buddhism came to light with the preaching’s of a historical individual named Buddha. It was because of him the western scholars termed this religion as Buddhism. It is said that the first mention of Buddhism can be tracked down to 2AD in a scripture called Clement of Alexandria.


Even in the present day the order of nuns and monks found by Buddha famously known as the Sangha in followed. according to research this religion is the fourth largest religion with approximately 360 million followers.

The philosophy of Buddha is consumed as psychology instead of religion as the teachings focus on meditation and mindfulness, and doesn’t has a holy book as the followers don’t believe in a supreme being or creator God. This religion emphasizes on transcending from the cycle of pain and suffering.

Attentiveness in Buddhism got greater than before during the foreign era, when Western powers were in a state to indorse the trust and its creative indices in detail. The unlocking of Japan in 1853 built a substantial interest in the arts and tradition of Japan, and provided entry to one of the most flourishing Buddhist traditions in the humankind.

Buddhism began to develop at a faster speed and became popular even among general public in the West trailing the unrest of the 20th century. During the Tibetan rebellion in 1959, a Tibetan movement has made Tibetan Buddhism in specific more commonly reachable to the remaining world. From then onwards, Buddhism spread across many Western countries, where this religious conviction has earned recognition.

Amongst its well-known supporters is the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, who is a true devotee of Buddhism. There are huge number of devotees and the estimated number lies between ten to twenty million.