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According to tradition, if a person wears his or her clothes inside out and then walks backwards on Halloween, he or she will see a witch at midnight.


As the 31st night approached, there comes a line beliefs related to Halloween. Along with all the preparations, some people also become more conscious about their dressing styles. There are many facts and superstitions related to many things, such as the bonfire, lanterns, clothes, candies and walking style.

It is said that if you wear your apparels inside out and walk towards the back on Halloween, you would see a witch at midnight. You should walk around your home three times towards the back and anticlockwise before nightfall on Halloween to get away from wicked spirits. It is strange, but we all know that superstitions are the part of human life since its inception.

In reality, superstition is an indication of the human fear in some influencing way that is beyond any human control or knowledge. If we see at that point, Halloween is itself a ritual which is full of lore, folktales, warnings and fallacies. Before anyone of you has faith in it, remember these are all claptraps. Many people do practice such weird things on the Halloween night, but till now there has been no actual evidence related to these delusions.

It is also said that the burning candle inside the Jack O’ Lantern keeps the evil souls away. It is also believed that if the burning candle goes off on its own or by breath, then the ghost has called for you. There is a conviction that the devil was a nut-gatherer, so the nuts are used as magic charms on the Halloween.

So, friends, these are all human-created myths and sayings about Halloween. As such there has been no valid proof of it. I would suggest that we should enjoy this spooky festival in fun way to cherish the memories of the event. And do not get stuck with the superstitious sayings.