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Know what happens whenever someone sneezes in an airplane.!!


Can flying make us sick? Reading this fact will really make you think twice before you travel on an airplane. Yes, the scientists have discovered that if you are a healthy person and travelling in a plane, it doesn’t mean that you will be the same when you come out of it. The reason is that if a person sitting next to you is ill and is suffering from some contagious disease and sneezes without any warning or covering his mouth, then his sneeze can affect you and others.

The sneeze travels to the fans to the lower vents and spreads out upto 50ft. So, it is evident that the people who are sitting near the sick person, even in the adjacent rows, might get affected with the bacteria travelling thru the air. It is at times a risky affair as you will never come to know who is sick and who is not, especially in an airplane where the tickets are distributed randomly and no such preference is given to sick people without knowing. No doubt that in the case of an emergency and if you tell them about your illness, they will offer you the front seats.


Moreover, if you have serious problem, it is advisable not to travel at all, as it might cause serious issues to others. In other means of transportations like train, car or ships, you are either able to open windows for ventilation purpose or open the door for fresh air to ventilate. You can even change your seat if you find it dangerous, especially when you are traveling with children. But in the case of an airplane, you cannot do either of the things. You are high up in the sky, seats are fixed, and you cannot open door or window.

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People travelling with small kids must be more conscious of the situation as kids are more prone to such air borne diseases quickly. The only way to get protection from such air-borne diseases is that you get proper immunisation against them thru vaccines. A few years back when Ebola virus attacked the African countries, airline services were stopped for few days as even one person could spread the infection to others as the jam-packed environment is the main breeding ground for viruses.

A video given below of Raymond Wand, will properly illustrate that how dangerous it can for few people sitting near the sick person and how we can stop it. A person’s sneeze particles are discarded into the air, hanging like a cloud over the head. The cloud thaws and the particles scatter over the unlucky people sitting next to the infected one. The circulation will take place on the path of the air flow.

Well, few things are not in our control when we are travelling. And it does not mean that we will not leave our homes due to the fear of getting infected. Even at home, you might get fall sick if you do not follow the precautions. Do wash your hands often and cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing; these are the healthy habits which are being taught since childhood. But now is the time to apply them strictly in your day to day life as the environment is full of new type of germs.

The safety lies in our hands only. Do get vaccines of all the latest infections spread in the world. In this way, you will be able to get immunisation against those infections and save your life from dreadful effects. Do tell your opinions on this topic and let us know what precaution you take while traveling.