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The word “school” comes from the ancient Greek for “free time”


Alright, now this fact is also an opposite of what it states. In present time if you tell someone that word “school” meant “free time” in antiquity, then believe me almost all the students will stare at you with big wide eyes for speaking such a misinterpreted meaning . Today, school is a place where you are start learning from the very early age. The methodology has totally changed from the olden times till today. The stress level involved in today’s contemporary education system is immense. Not only for students but also for educators who go through critical pedagogy system.

Let’s go to the history and know how this colossal learning system was named as “free time.” The word school originates from Greek, initially meaning “leisure” and also “that in which leisure is utilized,” but afterwards “a group to whom lectures were given.” The conception of gathering students together in a central location for studying has endured since Classical ancient times. Proper schools have existed at least from the time when ancient Greece, Rome, India, and China came into existence.

The “school” meaning “place of instruction” or “any institution at which teaching is given in a particular discipline”. The above meaning derives from the Latin word “scola,” which comes from the Greek “skhole,” meaning “lecture or discussion.” Amusingly, that Greek “skhole” formerly meant “leisure, free time.” With time the meaning underwent a great change, and if we look at its significance in the 21st century, it has become entirely different.

Presently, School has no relation to the “free time or leisure” and the system does not use the time in proper ways of communicating learning. Though, the environment provide to the students is quite enormous but other things included in this system are making it little difficult for students to cope up with it. There are so many other parameters incorporated in the name of education, which makes the student go irrational and he ends up having one-sided cognizance. Because of today’s competitive world, schools are focused more towards achieving highest marks, rather than imparting the genuine knowledge.

Imparting education has more to do with the tough curriculums, disciplinary practices, and surviving struggles, which lessen the learning, and demoralize students’ individual self-respect and sense of positive self-image—the later occupying a more main role in students’ ladder of necessities.