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About every 7000 people are killed every year due to doctor’s sloppy handwriting


Doctors prescription is rarely understood by the ordinary people like us. The incomprehensible writing has become a primary cause of death for many people. Every year around 7000 people are killed due to the doctor’s poor handwriting. Millions of prescriptions are written by physicians every year all around the world. Pharmacists and medical workers often misread these instructions. Wrong medicines and dosages are handed over to the patients, due to which patients suffer from side effects followed by instant death at times.

The Institute of Medicine reports that there are around 1.5 million injuries happen due to the perplexing prescriptions. Due to the rise in the incidents, technical firms like Google, Aetna, Dell and health care department have come up with a solution. The National ePrescribing Patient Safety Initiative persuades doctors to write the treatments electronically. Government authorities supported the plan in 2008, and due to this step is taken for the betterment of the society, there has been a major decline in death rates. This concern was raised many times, but no one paid much attention until there was a major increase in mortality rates.

The Dell Vice President of Marketing Scott Wells said that the 100 million project of NEPSI aims at removing writing pads out of the doctor’s hands and make them work on computers. The other technical company Aetna assured of giving away enticements to doctors for using e-prescriptions methods. Google, on the other hand, is designing a custom NEPSI search engine to help doctors in exploring health-related information. The NEPSI will be available online and will not require any special software to install it. This will help doctors to switch easily from the traditional way of prescribing medicines and dosages.

The NEPSI system will spread quickly as most of the doctors globally have internet access. The automated method will help in removing many mistakes, as the medicine names and dosage will be selected from the drop-down list of options. The correct prescription will get transferred to the pharmacist in the hospital, so there will be no chances of misinterpretation of the treatment. Many organizations are working together to target those physicians who advise maximum medications via notes to maximum people.

This system of e-prescribing will lead to further adeptness in medical record keeping too. Eventually, this will also help in lowering the unnecessary costs and improve health care delivery.