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It’s scientifically proven: being in love makes you a less productive person.


The above metaphor might be partially correct. I will explain to you why- it is because for some love gives them the thrill to work more and become more productive, and for few, love is a feeling which makes them unenthusiastic. It entirely depends on person to person that how they take any feeling in their life. Love is a beautiful feeling indeed, and you will find yourself totally engrossed with your beloved’s thoughts all the time. But this will happen only to those who are ardently in love and their feelings are quite strong towards their loved one.

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For some, love plays a very productive role as it energises and inspires them to take new responsibilities and work efficiently. Few who fall into this category because love usually fiddles with your concentration levels. Scientific reason backs this fact that love make you less creative and you lose interest in your responsibilities. It was published recently in the Journal Motivation and Emotion by academics Henk and Steenbergen with his associates from Leiden University and the University of Maryland.


The experiment was run on 43 accomplices in new relations not more than six months old. It was seen that there was the difference in carrying out explicit errands in the case of those who have fallen in love and who have not. It usually happens that in the initial stage of any new love relationship, you try to give your best to your beloved. The best here means that you try to give maximum time to your relation as well as keep on thinking the ways to keep her or him happy at any point in time by planning surprises, buying gifts, etc.


So, all these factors contribute in dropping your intellectual control. The high degree of passionate love results in the inability to focus and accomplishment of the responsibilities at the workplace as well as home. Steenbergen backs this phenomenon by stating that the condition might be accredited to how the brain distributes its restricted resources to various tasks. The compulsive nature of love inflicts restraints in your performance levels. You tend to lose self-control and concentration due to over-thinking about love.


There is one more side of the story which is backed by successful people saying that it is not difficult to pay attention to your work as well as love life if you set priorities in life. They say that if you balance out each element as per the need of an hour, you can get success in both the professional and love life.

Well, as there are two sides of every theory so is the case in love and relationships. There is no clear-cut statistic backing anything, and it depends on person to person as to how they take relationships. As per my opinion, there is some lagging in the way of life because love has a vague passion.