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The letter “U” as an abbreviation for “You” was first used by Shakespeare


Nowadays a very popular way of writing is prevalent among young generation i.e. shortened spelling of common words. While typing a message, it becomes quite lengthy to type every word in its full version. So the abbreviated pattern made it understandable as well as quick to write. Well in my research on this topic. I came to know that the abbreviated word “U” was first used by Shakespeare in one of his works. Every one of us is well mindful of Shakespeare and his achievements to the literature world.

In English language letter “u” has four pronunciations. There is mainly short and extended articulation of the letter U. The shortened version of articulation is found in closed syllables while long is found formerly in French words. U is also used in digraphs and with the elongated pronunciation of U. It is often used as a sound before a vowel in the sequences. Furthermore, the letter u is used in texting and the internet. Other written dialect to signify “you” by both being spoken.

If we look at the other English words and its short forms, then without taking into consideration the effect on literature and grammar, many words have transformed. “See” has become C, “tea” as T, “like” as lk, “and” as N, “good” as gud, “come” as cm, “why” as Y, “We” as V, and so on. There are many other such words which have got a new short forms. It may be because of our laziness or writing our messages quickly, and we have changed the words for our convenience.

U is not only limited to the abbreviation part but has many other uses. U is the chemical representation of uranium. It is also a sign of potential energy and Enzyme unit. The specified variations of the English language like British, Canadian, and American have difference in writing and pronouncing the word U. In the regular English language, U is used in words like colour, labour and valour, while in American English is not used in words mentioned, like color and so on.