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Laughing 100 times is equivalent to 15 minutes of exercise on a stationary bicycle.


From generations onwards, doctors ask us to be happy so as to have quick recovery. But how many of us take this advice seriously. Many of us don’t even know what the advice means. Being happy and laughing does not mean to watch funny movies and cartoons and become a couch potato. Laughing and being happy means to involve in the activity of laughing with your friends, relatives and dear ones.

Going out and having fun with friends, joining yoga groups for learning laughing techniques, joining laughter clubs with your loved ones, etc. are the ways to de-stress your life and find the happy side of you. Laughter not only changes your personality but also changes you from inside. It help in boosting your immune system and gives you potential to make life better.

Conferring to analysts, laughing 100 times is comparable to 10 minutes on a paddling machine or 15 minutes on the still bicycle. And the best part of laughing is that you don’t need to perspire in order to have really good laugh. Besides, laughter can help you clear your respiratory system just like other exercises. While laughing you take heavy breaths and inhale fresh sir and exhale impure air.

Laughter reduces stress from your life. It creates positive environment around you. Laughter fights with physical and emotional stress by decreasing the stress generating hormones. These hormones destroy the immune system. A happy life full of laughter will give you courage to fight all the unforeseen turns of life. Be it your stressful job or a heavy downfall in life, laughter gives you strength. Laughter therapy is something which let goes pain and boost immunological retorts.

Laughter enhances your social abilities as it is a common way to connect with others. A man who always laughs and make other people laugh has more friends than those sitting alone in one corner of the room. Laughter helps in reducing violent behavior, anxiety or irritation by relaxing the muscles and inducing “Happy Hormones”. Laughter is the best medicine to cure your pain and is the best exercise recommended by doctors in today’s haphazard lives of everyone.