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The inventors of Bubble Wrap, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, were originally trying to make 3d plastic wallpaper, which was a failure.


What if you come to know that the bubble wrap which we used to pop for amusement purpose in our childhood, was a flaw created by its inventors?

The story behind this goes like this- In 1957 two inventors known as Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were trying to create a three-D plastic wall covering by joining two shower curtains together. They failed at crafting the three-D wallpaper and instead formed the bubbly texture material.

While the idea was a letdown, they originated a very useful thing which is used till today as a shielding for all the fragile items. In 1960, Chavannes and Fielding ultimately established the Sealed Air Corporation with bubble wrap as one of their original products. There are many other uses of bubble wrap in modern times-

  • For protecting surfaces.
  • Used as a great insulation material.
  • For draping transportable gadgets and equipment.
  • Protecting items in the storage.
  • Decorating material in a form of paint sponge.
  • Anxiety buster for those working in high-stress surroundings.

After three years of its invention, one of the marketers Frederick W. Bowers, from Sealed Air Corporation came up with the perfect use of their product. In October 1959, IBM publicized their 1401 version of computers. Frederick, at that time, proposed the idea to IBM and revealed Bubble Wrap’s protecting quality. And after that, IBM began procuring the Wrap to shield their 1401 computers and other breakable products they traded and dispatched.

The most interesting thing to know about bubble wrap is that the office workers, in many parts of the world celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day every last Monday of January. Bursting wraps are known as a great stress buster. Some websites provide a simulated bubble wrap software package which shows a sheet of it that customers may pop by clicking on the bubbles. The Mugen Puchipuchi is a compressed electronic model faking bubble wrap bursting.

These wraps are also sold online on sites like EBay, for home as well as office use. There are different categories of Bubble Wrap existing in the market namely-

  • Multipurpose bubble wrap
  • High grade bubble wrap
  • Limited grade bubble wrap
  • Bubble mask
  • Anti-static bubble wrap
  • 3D web bubble laminates



The air bubbles absorb jolt and effect to guard items against being broken. It is made by dissolving down globules of polyethylene and transforming them into layers of plastic with pockets of air in between.