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The inventor of Vaseline used to eat a spoonful of it every day.


I always used Vaseline heard about its benefits since my childhood. Till now it is a well-known product in the enhancing range as it keeps the skin soft, glowing and rash-free. It is not only used for face application, but also for healing various skin problems like burns, cuts and baby’s diaper rashes. Many benefits are known from the time Robert Chesebrough invented Vaseline.

But the question which came up is –Can you eat jelly? I came across this weird fact when I read that the man who invented the Vaseline, used to eat it. It’s astonishing that after reading the truth behind this story, no one would deny it. He not only ate one spoon of Vaseline Petroleum jelly over years, but Vaseline also helped him recover pleurisy (inflammation of the pleurae, which impairs their lubricating function and causes pain when breathing).

Robert Chesebrough wanted to be a rich man by fair means. He experimented over the years and invented the product named Vaseline (a greasy substance derived from the waste of oil rigs). In 1870, Robert opened his manufacturing company and patented the procedure of making jelly. In 1955, Chesebrough Manufacturing Company became Chesebrough-Ponds, a foremost producer of personal care products.

Vaseline did not capture the market at the first place until he started demonstrating the product’s effectiveness. He traveled New York to present his product in front of large crowds. To prove his products worth, Robert burnt his skin with fire or acid and put on Vaseline to heal. He gave out free tasters to increase the demand.

Robert has so much trust in his product that he confessed to eating a spoon full of Vaseline every morning. Robert Chesebrough lived 96 years of his life without suffering any major ailment. Till today Vaseline is among the most trusted brands for all of us. There is no connected and provable advantage of eating Vaseline and keeping fit till today. No one should ever try it as over the generations our body undergoes various changes which do not support such disbelief.