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Human brain is more active during sleep than during the day


This is certainly an actual fact as whenever I get up in the morning, I still feel tired as if I have done lots of mind-juggling while sleeping. My brain makes me recreate so many lifetime memories which are not possible in real world, and for me, it is conclusive proof that brain manages multifaceted incitements during sleep. It is a reasonably proven fact that shows ATP (chemicals used to provide energy to the cells) levels increase in the night to reorganize and build links among neurons.

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While other parts of the body rest during sleep, brain draws more energy to work efficiently. I sometimes wonder why do we even sleep if our mind still keeps on working. When we become tired, we always say that our mind needs rest. The bottom line is that our brain doesn’t get exhausted, but our body does due to the physical and strenuous work. While we are sleeping, our brain constantly works on rescheduling our tasks and energising us with more power to reflect and restructure our activities.



Conceivably sleeping gives more energy to mind and body to recuperate and sort out whole day’s event and then start the next day with a bang. That is why when our body is tired, we lose the ability to think precisely and when we get up after a good sleep, we have all the solutions at our fingertips. While sleeping our brain provides us with better solutions as it works more efficiently on the remaining tasks. The neurons which control the sleep and wake part are interwoven. They are placed in the iso-dendritic centre.


Slow wave sleep has great EEG pulses, which stimulates a large volume of neurons. These EEG influences are sedentary during the wake-up and REM periods. The maximum part of the brain shows improved movement during sleep when related to slow-wave-sleep. REM sleep is same like wake up sleep. The limbic structure is not active throughout the REM sleep. In the REM sleep, more neurons are triggered throughout the brain’s drive systems. So scientifically there is an increased amount of movement stirring in the cerebellum, cortex, and the pyramidal area.

Therefore, it is proven that human mind gets more active during sleep. That is why sleeping for 7-8 hours in day is essential for the brain to function smoothly.