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The founder of Match.com lost his girlfriend to a man she met on Match.com


Oh man! This fact is yet another downside of the virtual world. You try to do something good for others and consequently harm yourself in return. The same thing happened to Gary Kremen, an American engineer, and businessperson who designed online dating. He invented match.com website as it was a new concept for everyone and the cybernetic world was just spreading at that time. So, people did not have faith in online dating initially.

In order to convince people and make them believe in online dating, he asked everyone in his company to create their profile on match.com. Through this step, he wanted everyone to experience the new idea of knowing each other via technology. But poor man involved his girlfriend in the process of building the profile on the website. And she fell in love with someone whom she met on the same site.

Kremen was the first one to register for porn website namely Sex.com. He was an originator of Clean Power Finance and is the present chairperson of the Santa Clara Valley Water District. He created many domains from porn to cars to accommodation and from finance to technology. Kremen first listed the domain title sex.com in 1994 and also jobs.com, housing.com, and autos.com.

In 1996, an American named Stephen Michael Cohen, deceitfully transferred sex.com domain, under his name. But later Kremen successfully got the domain name back with the help of judicial system. Kremen traded sex.com in 2006 to Boston- centered Escom LLC for $15 million in cash and reserve, and vended sex.net for $454,500 afterward in the same year.

Kremen achieved success in building public’s faith in online dating, but at the cost of his own relationship. Well, the company flourished like anything, and it is world’s biggest and most admired site. The website ranked in the top 500 globally. It is said, that his venture prospered because his girlfriend left him for another man.