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Are all your facts believable?

Yes, all our facts are backed by sources and also written after an in-depth research. We share the story only when it is fully real and trustworthy.

Can I use your facts and the story related to it on my website?

Yes, why not, but the only things you have to do is mention our site thefactspeak.com as the source.

What if I find any mistake in your facts and their stories?

We will welcome any of your suggestions and complaints and will constantly work on them so as to get you the best authenticated stories.

How do you get the stories behind the facts?

Our team of experts conduct a thorough research on Google for each fact we select to display on our website. These stories are taken from the various sources which have credibility of their own.

Can I also contribute in your facts & stories journey on the factspeak.com?

Why not, just contact us on our email id and we will let you know how you can make the contribution.

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