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Every human being starts as an asshole. It is the first part of the body to form in the womb.


Totally Knockout fact! An absolute explanation to the fact that we were born assholes is given below. The shocking part is that ass is the first part shaped in the womb. I always thought brain or heart to be the first part to develop in the mother’s womb. This is a serious logical insinuation. Wouldn’t it be an existential frightening if it were an isolated anus apparently affixed to a constellation of cells?

We belong to a set in the animal realm called deuterostomes. This group includes sea cucumbers, ragamuffins, vertebrates, and everything else that accurately comes to life anus first. In home sapiens, after the semen breaks through the egg’s external sheath like a sightless, drunk decree, the nucleus ruptures into many disparate cells, finally becoming a blastula.

The blastula cells split open from the inside out, creating an opening called the blastopore, which as you may have predicted will one day mature into a magnificent butthole. But in the starting, you are just a developing, disparate anus moving around in your mommy’s uterus, which is both the verbatim actuality and a beautiful vile blister, if you care to use it.

The blastopore anus in due course expands like some embryonic goatse (a disgusting picture of a man stretching his anus extremely wide) before excavating by the blastula till it pulls the other side, where finally the mouth is molded. So principally, environment makes humans by building two contrasting hovels and then benevolent filling in the gaps. “Deuterostome” is essentially a Greek term that means “mouth second,” as it’s the subsequent part of the body that beings acquire. Mentioning the progression any inversely would have ended up with us calling ourselves “ass head.”

Therefore, today we got the exact explanation to the fact and also scientific reason why it is said so.