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On an average, a man will spend one year of his life staring at women.

Men, men, men. So, this is where men get busy often -staring women. Yes, you heard it right, on an average almost men spend one year of his life gazing

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Attachment + Caring + Intimacy = Perfect Love

Pardon us to be so technical when it comes to the most beautiful feeling in the world - Love. But, there are sciences that prove a lot about this emotion.

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Statistically, men are quicker than women to say “I love you” in relationships.

From bringing their woman flowers to all the sweetheart notes, men make all kinds of gestures to impress the one they fall for. While women are always taken as the

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i love you

Here’s how many time a man falls in love in a lifetime.

We all know someone who crushes on every second person they meet. But falling in love is a very different feeling. While some suggest there cannot be a better feeling,

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falling in love

Expressing gratitude toward people you love causes an immediate spike in your happiness

Have you ever felt the difference in your life when you have shown appreciation to the one you love? Try it, you'll feel the absolute happiness within yourself, as studies

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