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Your brain is programmed to make 3 things impossible to ignore- Food, Sex and Danger


Friends, the fact which we are going to discuss today is genuine as well as intriguing. I never thought that my habit of being too foodie is something that already has been programmed in my brain. So, as I know what exactly triggers hunger in me, I will not be blaming myself or my stomach for it. To start with this psychological fact, let me tell you first that the human mind is made up of many components, and each element has its own part to play. We always find interest in such things which are either not for us or are not suitable for that particular time. Though we try hard to avoid few things for that moment, but they will be there in our brain always. This constant triggering is a permanent programming in the human brain.

Have you ever noticed that while passing by an accident scene, you are always told by your elders to avoid looking at it? But we always peep into that dangerous sight whatsoever happens. We are made like this, and our mind will not resist looking at those bad scenes. “Pay attention” is the thought which comes from our brain telling us to do so. The danger is also one of those things which we can’t avoid or ignore. I remember when I was small, my brother used to tell me, “don’t go to that dark room, there is a ghost”. But I still used to go to that room to find out that whether my brother is right or he is just trying to scare me. We are bound with all these habits of ours and somehow there is no harm it.

Our brain functions in different parts. One part deals with commonsense, intellectual, and sentiments and one part processes the feelings. The other part deals with the endurance and is interested in things related to it. So, our brain responds to the environment by analyzing it. Some questions related to food, sex, and danger are dealt by one of the brain’s section. It is obvious guys, without food you can’t live, without having sex, the generations will not exist, and above all, if you die in some accident, the other questions will not matter. What I mean to say here is that you cannot stand firm on few things in life. Somehow you will work on it to get it.

The resistance towards food, sex and hunger doesn’t mean that we just want to get it somehow. Our brain doesn’t to tell us to eat everything that you see, or have sex with everyone you like, or deliberately put yourself into a dangerous situation. It is just that your mind will not be able to ignore all that. So, it is all about how our brain is automatically adjusted to few things.