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Billionaire Howard Hughes stored his own urine in bottles.


How can someone store urine in a jar? I have heard of people storing urine for testing purpose but never heard of storing it in bottles or jars and preserving it. I came across such a fact about Howard Hughes while reading random myths and theories about urine. He used to store urine in jars. Howard Hughes is known as world’s richest man in his adulthood. He was an American business mogul, capitalist, financier, aeronaut, aerospace engineer, pioneer, filmmaker and humanitarian.

Hughes gained fame in Hollywood from the late 1920s, by producing expensive and often provocative films like The Racket, Hell’s Angels, Scarface, and The Outlaw. He developed and extended Trans World Airlines (TWA) by amalgamating many other famous airlines. His bequest is maintained via the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Hughes relished a highly prosperous business career further than engineering, aviation, and film making, as he was a great entrepreneur.

Later in life, he became a strange hermit who dreaded bacteria and avoided personal cleanliness. In the course of his weakening years, the great business person, Howard Hughes was known to stock his urine in containers. There are many backings to this fact. Some supported the statement by saying that it was a lonely phase of his life but never attempted such a strange thing of collecting urine in a bottle. And some said it was a harsh truth of his life as he was suffering badly in his last years of life.

Although Howard was obsessed with cleanliness, he fought with psychological problems. In his later years of life, he locked himself in a dark room which was dirty and cloistered. Howard became hooked to codeine and other sedatives, became weak, wore tissue boxes as shoes, and stored his urine in jars. He expired in 1976, leaving a property worth one billion dollars. Wrapped off from truth, Hughes died an isolated &, until now, secretive death.

He was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). People related his strange conducts to OCD, as a person suffering from OCD adheres to strict rules of his own. OCD is an anxiety syndrome described by uncontrollable, undesirable thoughts and monotonous, ritualized actions one feels bound to perform. The act of storing urine in jars was probably a part of one of those habits.