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Here’s how many time a man falls in love in a lifetime.


We all know someone who crushes on every second person they meet. But falling in love is a very different feeling. While some suggest there cannot be a better feeling, the thing is this feeling repeats itself.

Love has got so many theories that sometimes we get confused by thinking which one is true or which one relate to our kind of love story. Some facts about love claim that an average woman will fall in love with more men before getting hitched. One of the fact claims that before marriage, women needs to kiss 15 guys and fall in love more than twice before finding the perfect match.




Based on a survey, on an average a man falls in love 7 times in a lifetime.

The test proved that women have more bad experience of love than men as they get easily get attracted. People only tend to fall in love twice, or maximum thrice depending on the situation. But most of the participants in a survey said that they met their real love in the second go. Some of the participants also claimed that they were not sure about the person whom they are dating will be his or her absolute soulmate. The best part of the experiment is that only a few knew about their real love, while others don’t believe it as a real thing.

On an average people fall in love not more than two times. I have stated the reason on the basis of prevailing state of affairs in the relationships. First of all, no one has time to think about love and related concerns all the time. Secondly, in this competitive world, people concentrate more on everlasting relationships rather than getting infatuated by someone like that. In this perspective, we are not talking about childhood love or college sweethearts, but those mature affairs which take place after considering all the factors of affection.

Falling in love for several times before getting married doesn’t only involve a man and a woman relationship. It might be involve falling in love with your friends, your first job, yourself, your dreams, or your own city. That kind of love is also incomparable when you know about it genuinely. For some these things are more important in life than finding true love here and there. One or the other day you will find that special one, till then fall in love with yourself and the all the beautiful things around you.